Additional Tapes and CDS


Confession/ Scriptures for Debt Freedom (CD Only)- $12
Hebrews(10 Parts)-$93
Abrahamic Covenant (9 Parts)- $53
Pathology to Poverty (3 Parts)-$17
Kingdom Living/Working Your Faith(6 Parts)- $36
Justified By Faith(4 Parts)-$20
The Blessing of the Tithe (3 Parts)- $15
Stewardship-(4 Parts)-$20
Obedience-(4 Parts)-$20
I Shall Not Want (3 Parts) -$15
Thoughts That Will Restrict You (3 Parts)-$15
Power of the Tongue (5 Parts)- $25
Do You Believe What Jesus Said (3 Parts)-$15
I Refuse To Carry It (5 Parts)- $25
The Cults (9 Parts)- $92
Evangelism(3 Parts)-$15
Fasting (7 Parts)-$35
25 Ways to Close the Window of Heaven Over You (11 Parts)-$55
The Redemptive Work of the Blood (3 Parts)-$15
Ministry of Helps (4 Parts) $ 20
Coping With Rejection (4 Parts)-$20
The Holy Spirit (15 parts)-$100
Parental Guidance (3 parts)-$15

Note: For tapes and CDs of current services, contact our Bookstore. Tapes are $5, double tapes are $7. CDs are $8, double CDs are $12.

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