Judah – Praise & Worship Team
These anointed vessels have been called out and set apart to usher the congregation into the presence of the Lord. Through songs of praise, worship, and even warfare, Judah has yielded themselves to write, arrange and sing psalms and songs to the glory of God.

Bishop’s Choir
Hailed as the most anointed choir this side of glory. These individuals sing songs of praise, worship and thanksgiving to our Lord. Offering inspiration and encouragement to all who hear.

Miriam – Davidic Dance
Anointed, holy, and consecrated vessels, who through their prophetic ministry of dance, offer praise and worship unto the Lord.

This presbyterial body offer supportive services to the ministry such as: security, offering, assisting partners and visitors when they arrive to the ministry.

Altar Workers
Armor Bearers – Ensure the safety of the pastors, visiting ministers, covenant partners and visitors. They also assist the pastors in altar calls. Aides – Serve the pastors while they are ministering and during altar calls. They ensure that our pastors and visiting pastors are cared for.


Angels Children's Ministry
This department is dedicated to ministering to children as the adults receive the Word of God. The children’s church is equipped with age appropriate material that allows the staff to offer praise and worship and to effectively teach children the Word of God. You can rest assured that your child will be well cared for by an anointed and professional staff. Our Children's Ministry will prove to be a loving and rewarding experience for you and your child.

Bookstore and Tapes
This department offers books, tapes, bibles and other helps that will help enhance the spiritual growth of its customers. The bookstore is also equipped with a unique array of products such as mints, purses, stockings, jewelry, etc. In addition, the bookstore offers gift cards to a variety of national merchants, restaurants, and gas stations. .

Audio Visual – TV/Radio/Sound
This department is comprised of professionally trained individuals that ensure the excellence and integrity of the sound, television and radio broadcasts.  They also produce and distribute audio and visual tapes or CD's with integrity and excellence for the ministry.

This department is the host to many of the ministry’s fellowships. They are responsible for providing unique food selections, decorations and excellent service during banquets and other fellowships.

The ministry is equipped with a 4-lane bowling alley, a gymnasium and other recreational activities. This department sponsors a variety of sports-related activities that encourage physical fitness and fellowship for the young and the young at heart.

Educational Department
This department offers a unique array of exciting classes that help to develop mature saints. In addition, the Education Department works diligently to ensure that the lessons taught and the materials presented at Hope Evangelical Ministries offer an accurate representation of the Word of God. All teaching ministries and any educational endeavors are handled by this department. The department offers courses such as Catechism 1, New Covenant Partners Class, Stewardship 101, and Sunday School.

Administrative Department
The administrative department offers excellence and efficiency in performing the daily operations of the church. Whether scheduling appointments, dispensing funds to department heads, coordinating events or keeping the building immaculate, this department is the backbone of the ministry and helps to bear the burden of the day-to-day operations of the ministry.

YAH'S Warriors
Through the use of brotherly love, these mighty men of valor are raising the standard of holiness throughout the city , the nation, and abroad. Through prayer, fellowships and seminars they teach the pure, unadulterated Word of God and minister to the total man.

Eagles Evangelism Team
This department encompasses all of the ministries that touch peoples' lives outside of the ministry. This includes but is not limited to Street Evangelism, Jail/Prison Ministry, Hospital and Nursing Home Ministries, and special ministry in Boys and Girls residential homes.

This select group of individuals are chosen because of their maturity, willingness to love and serve others, and obedience to the Word of God . They are assigned to new Covenant Partners to offer prayer, support and guidance to help facilitate your spiritual growth.

Intercessory Prayer
These individuals are assiged to pray concerning the endeavors of the ministry, the well-being and spiritual growth of the covenant partners and the overall vision of the house.

Missions and Outreach
Offering a variety of supportive services outside of the ministry, these dedicated individuals seek funding for basic needs and other ministerial helps for local and international ministries.

Chosen Singles Ministry
A ministry that encourages, equips and empowers Godly singles in the Word of God to walk in victory, power and holiness while embracing their singleness

Daughters Of Zelophehad—Women's Ministry
This extraordinary auxiliary focuses on meeting the needs of the women in the church, including single, married, and divorced from all walks of life. As they go on to mature in Christ they create, and help maintain within each person the strength and fortitude to serve God and to possess their inheritance in Christ Jesus...and yes men are welcome!

SHAKERS and P.R.E.P.A.R.E.D. – Youth Ministry
This department offers our youth a variety of alternatives to express themselves in the dance, drama, rap, and step just to name a few. The Youth Ministry is designed to strengthen and develop youth into becoming God-fearing young adults prepared to live in the adult world as Godly men and women.

Youth Basketball - Each Second Day (Monday) evening at 7:00 p.m.