Dr. Frankie H. Young, Apostle, the Founder and General Overseer of Hope Evangelical Ministries, founded HEM in April of 1991, after many years of prayer, fasting, and seeking the Lord. Built on faith, Apostle Young began the ministry in the basement of her home with only one member. In April of 1994, with 12 members, great faith and the Word from the Lord, the ministry purchased and completely renovated a building located at 18980 Wyoming. Within 1 year after the purchase and total renovation of the new church home, the ministry was completely debt free. Due to rapid growth, in February 1999, the HEM family moved and completely renovated its current location at 4600 Livernois. Hope has brought life and the good news of the gospel to an otherwise blighted area of the city.

The ministry offers an excellent biblical training curriculum that empowers participants to lay a solid spiritual foundation. Courses such as New Covenant Partners Class, Catechism 1 and Sunday School develop and elevate believers in every phase of spiritual maturity. In April of 2003, the Hope Ecclesiastical Studies International opened. This awesome school offers a 2-year biblical studies certification program.

In only 12 years, Hope Evangelical Ministries has grown and has expanded its borders reaching affiliated ministries across the world in St. Thomas, Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean islands; South Africa, London, England; Ghana and Nigeria, just to name a few. The ministry's goal of bringing believers to a place of maturity as they assume their rightful place in the Body of Christ is being accomplished. With a focus on the pure Word of God, Apostle Young, the ministers and the leadership at Hope cater to the needs of covenant partners, the community, and the Body of Christ. Hope's slogan, “Where Eagles Gather”, further highlights the ministry's commitment to prepare covenant partners to soar, as eagles to their God-given destiny. The church has numerous ministries, auxiliaries, departments, and dedicated partners that enable the ministry to grow and to continue to accomplish this awesome vision.

Outreach Ministries

The heart of Hope's leaders and the ministry is outreach, reaching the world with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When Apostle Young received the vision for Hope, she was wearing overalls, a painter's cap, and she was literally building the church. God intended Hope to be a working ministry that reached out to those in need. The ministry offers many outreach programs that feed the hungry, members visit and minister to prisoners, the elderly, individuals in hospitals and nursing homes. In addition, Hope's Evangelistic Outreach team walks through the streets of the community to witness to the lost. Within the church, deliverances take place, people's lives are transformed and members have been healed and delivered from substance abuse, AIDS, various cancers, other diseases, and such like.

Hope also reaches out to the world through radio and television. The ministry sponsors a local and national radio and television program that shares the pure Word of God with the world. As a part of its outreach, the ministry desires to bring global economic development to the Body of Christ. HEM has adopted and assumed financial and spiritual responsibilities for communities in Ghana and prisons in the Caribbean islands with the goal of further expansion. Since a power packed ministry trip to Trinidad in 2003, 2 credit unions have been established and opened and people have become aware of their economic ability and responsibility.

Hope Evangelical Ministries strongly believes in prosperity and in setting the captive free, especially in the area of economic development and empowerment. The ministry strives to develop successful entrepreneurs and motivate covenant partners to become viable members of the community who willingly finance the work of the ministry. Within the local church, and as the pastors teach and travel around the world, the spirit of poverty is being broken and hope is being restored.

Dr. Frankie H. Young, Apostle
Founder & Overseer, BBS, ThM, MThS, DD

Dr. Frankie H. Young, Apostle has earned many degrees including a bachelor's degree in biblical studies, two master's degrees and a doctorate in divinity. She is an ordained and consecrated Apostle and Bishop. She is also a Prophet who speaks what thus says the Lord. Apostle Young presides over the diocese of HEM as well as other ministries around the world. She is a much sought after speaker who has traveled throughout North America, the Caribbean islands, and Africa. In addition to founding Hope, she is also the founder of HESI and acts as the school's Chancellor. In addition, Apostle Young is an author, songwriter, instructor, mother, and grandmother.